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Quick and easy way to add an adjustable snap hook to bare cable (sold separately). Suspend signs and fixtures with less hardware and more flexibility: the all-in-one cable adjuster with integrated snap hook means no separate hook is needed, and the bullet style adjuster allows for repeated changes to hanging length. Internal wedge and spring acts as both a cable release and a locking mechanism for simple height adjustments. Warning: Use only on bare cable (wire rope) in dry, indoor locations. Do not use on coated cable. Suspension of objects at angles reduces the safe working load limits.
  • No special tools or setting keys required
  • Reliable built-in 5 to 1 safety factor
  • Holes at top and bottom allow either 1/32" dia. or 1/16" dia. bare cable to pass through
  • 3/8" snap opening
  • Nickel plated brass material
Unit of Measure



N/A 1-5/8"

For Use with Bare Cable Diameter

N/A 1/16" (7 x 7) 1/32" (3 x 7)

Safe Working Load Limit

N/A 15 lb. (when used with 1/32" cable) 50 lb. (When used with 1/16" cable)

Snap Opening

N/A 3/8"


N/A Nickel Plated Brass