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Our least expensive cable lock. A fast and easy way to form loops with cable (sold separately) to suspend signs, lighting and other fixtures vertically or at slight angles. Adjusters have a unique ball bearing push-button feature for easy height adjustments. Lightweight, self-locking and reusable. Warning: Use only on bare cable (wire rope) in dry, low-humidity locations. Do not use on painted or coated cable. Suspension of objects at angles reduces the safe working load limits.
  • Part #105155 measures 3/4" length x 3/4" width
  • No special tools or setting keys required
  • Up to six (6) times faster to install than historical methods
  • Reliable built-in 5 to 1 safety factor
  • Aircraft quality aluminum material
Unit of Measure


For Use with Bare Cable Diameter

N/A 1/16" (7 x 7) 1/32" (3 x 7)

Safe Working Load Limit

N/A 15 lb. (when used with 1/32" cable) 75 lb. (when used with 1/16" cable)


N/A 100 per bag


N/A 3/4"


N/A 3/4"


N/A Aircraft Quality Aluminum


N/A Lightweight Reusable Self-Locking