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Securely attach signs, displays and fixtures onto common upright slots found in gondolas and warehouse pallet racking. Simply put the screw through the fixture, then into the threaded insert nut, then engage upright and tighten.
  • Threaded nut inserts are 0.100" thick
  • Screws have Slotted/Phillips combination drive undersized pan heads
  • Both inserts and screws are zinc plated steel
  • Parts come unassembled
  • Packaged 100 nut inserts and 100 screws per bag
Unit of Measure



N/A Gondola

Nut Dimensions

N/A 10 - 32, 1-3/16" L x 0.350" W

Screw Dimensions

N/A 10-32, 1" L with 0.312" HD O.D.


N/A Gondola Slot: 3/4" L x 3/8" W


N/A Zinc Plated Steel


N/A 100 Nut Inserts and 100 Screws per Bag