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One complete set of all hardware needed to hold heavier displays securely. Also great for attaching sign fixtures to common shelf tops or undersides thru the round, square or diamond shaped perforated shelf holes. Use two or more kits for larger displays. Parts are removable and reusable.
  • Bolt is a 10-32 x 3/4" long Phillips pan head machine screw - steel, zinc plated
  • Wing nut is a stamped style 10-32 - steel, zinc plated
  • Flat washer is 0.375" O.D. x 0.194" I.D. x 0.062" thick natural nylon
  • Each sealed, clear polybagged kit contains one bolt, one wing nut and one washer
  • Other hardware sizes or packaging quantities per bag available
Unit of Measure



N/A One Screw One Washer One Wing Nut

Bolt Size

N/A 10-32

Bolt Length

N/A 3/4"

Screw Head Style

N/A Pan

Screw Drive Style

N/A Phillips

Screw Material

N/A Steel

Screw Finish

N/A Zinc

Wing Nut Size

N/A 10-32

Wing Nut Material

N/A Steel

Wing Nut Finish

N/A Zinc Plated

Flat Washer Color

N/A Natural

Flat Washer Material

N/A Nylon

Package Type

N/A Bag

Flat Washer Dimensions

Flat Washer Outer Diameter (O.D.)

N/A 0.375"

Flat Washer Inner Diameter (I.D.)

N/A 0.194"

Flat Washer Thickness

N/A 0.062"