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Ingenious flush mount trapeze adapter that can be used to place, support and pivot our Adjustable Trapeze Banner Hanger System (sold separately) from exposed metal overhead fixtures or supports. Unlike our stationary adjustable trapeze, this hanger turns a full 360 degrees, thus allowing signs to be faced at optimal viewing angles. Two-piece, strong pivoting "U" track design with integrated slotted holes that accept our mounting hose clamps (included) on the top and our trapeze system cable assemblies (sold separately) on the bottom. Simply attach the top side directly to an exposed solid or split beam open style warehouse ceiling support with the included hose clamps and then pass the cables from our Adjustable Trapeze Banner Hanger System thru the bottom holes - it's that easy! Warning: Hose clamps must be firmly fastened and locked to the overhead fixture or support. Use only in dry, indoor locations.
  • 1-5/8" wide x 1-5/8" height joined pivoting "U" track assembly
  • Three 3/16" height x 5/8" long slotted holes on each "U" track
  • Two 1/2" wide x 1-3/4" thru 7-3/4" diameter grip range stainless steel mounting hose clamps included with an instruction sheet
  • Slotted screwdriver for hose clamps required (sold separately)
  • 0.060" metal wall thickness painted white
  • * Includes the weight of the trapeze banner hanger system being used
Unit of Measure


Overall Length

N/A 18"

Number of Holes per Track

N/A 3

Safe Working Load Limit*

N/A 16 lb

Track Height

N/A 1-5/8"

Track Width

N/A 1-5/8"

"U" Track Hole Length

N/A 5/8"

"U" Track Hole Height

N/A 3/16"

Hose Clamp Width

N/A 1/2"

Hose Clamp Thru

N/A 1-3/4"

Hose Clamp Diameter

N/A 7-3/4"

Wall Thickness

N/A 0.060"


N/A White



N/A * Includes the weight of the trapeze banner hanger system being used