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Plastic triangular formers support and hang graphic posters. Can also accommodate display poles (1" to 1-1/2" O.D.) and turning motors by simply removing the center disk in the bottom former. An inexpensive way to turn advertising posters into eye catching, three sided, mobile or pole topped displays. Easy assembly.

Poster hole info: Hole sizes should be 7/32" diameter to accommodate former pop thru tips. Four holes are required per poster. All posters must be the same size for proper balance.

Large triway: Top and bottom plastic formers secure three posters from 20" to 40" wide. The top and bottom pair of holes should be 6-5/16" to each side of the center of the poster.
  • Large formers are 12-5/8" wide x 1/2" thick, three sided
  • Formers are natural polypropylene material
  • Each polybagged kit contains one 6 ft. white Ceiling Hook & Cord, two formers and assembly instructions
Unit of Measure



N/A Large

Poster Width

N/A 20" to 40"

Former Width

N/A 12-5/8"

Former Thickness

N/A 1/2"


N/A Natural


N/A Polypropylene