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Both styles fit most round, square or diamond shaped perforated shelf holes, and can easily be removed and reused. Simply press pin in to expand legs that lock firmly in place. The low profile style offers a less noticeable, smaller pin head diameter and built-in side slots for easy removal.
  • Pre-assembled two piece design
  • Fits 0.250" hole size
  • 0.001" to 0.187" grip capacity
  • 0.500" shank length
  • 0.438" O.D. flat heads
  • Nylon 6/6 material
Unit of Measure



N/A Standard

Engaged Head Height

N/A 0.140"

Pin Head Diameter

N/A 0.430"


N/A Natural

Hole Size

N/A 0.250"

Grip Capacity

N/A 0.001" to 0.187"

Shank Length

N/A 0.500"

Head O.D.

N/A 0.438"


N/A Nylon 6/6