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Flexible ribs deflect when pushed into hole then spring back for a secure lock that resists removal. Universal use in a wide variety of materials such as metal, wood, foam, rubber and plastic, in both solid and compressed forms. For use in a wide range of panel thicknesses and hole diameters.
  • Wide variety of sizes & styles available
  • For use in drilled, punched or molded holes, both threaded and non-threaded
  • Ideal where fast and/or blind installation is required
  • Part #'s 120200, 120205 & 120212 are very popular for shelving and display construction
  • Parts are separated by the type of fins they have

    Fin Type "R" - Ratchet:
  • Warning: Attempted removal of fin type "R" push-in fasteners will result in damaged or distorted fins
  • Not recommended for re-use
  • Part #120205 is very popular for round hole shelving and display construction
Unit of Measure


Hole Size

N/A 0.250"

Grip Capacity

N/A 0.125" to 0.406"

Shank Length

N/A 0.625"

Fin Type


Head O.D.

N/A 0.500"

Head Style



N/A Natural


N/A Nylon 6/6