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All accessories work in conjunction with our line of beaded/ball chain (sold separately). Connector ends (also known as Links or Clasps) have a solid back and are the most common by simply offering an end attachment at a fixed length. Coupling ends work the same as connector ends, but are more versatile by also offering an integrated, oversized back hole for creating optional adjustable loops. Both types are great when used as connectors for splicing links of beaded chain together for endless assemblies. Warning: Connectors and/or couplings may be difficult to link.
  • Connectors have a solid backing and are small in size
  • Couplings have a hollow, open backing and are a bit larger in size
  • Both connectors and couplings are linkable and can be used to make longer chains
  • Silver nickel plated metal
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104029 N/A #3 N/A Adjustable Coupling N/A 3/8" Request Quote
104030 N/A #6 N/A Adjustable Coupling N/A 1/2" Request Quote
104027 N/A #10 N/A Adjustable Coupling N/A 39/64" Request Quote
104025 N/A #3 N/A Connector N/A 3/8" Request Quote
104026 N/A #6 N/A Connector N/A 29/64" Request Quote
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