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Flexible squeeze clip keeps merchandise faced forward on most sizes/styles of metal and plastic display hooks, giving a full stock appearance. Simply squeeze wings to open clip for easy attachment to hooks. Unlike plastic inventory control units, flexible vinyl will not become brittle with the potential to crack or break over time. Easily friction fits around hook and slides forward for perfect placement. No need to remove merchandise - simply slide over hooks. Removable and reusable.
  • 0.375" thick
  • Two sizes to choose from that work with most standard metal and plastic display hooks
  • Can be used as an inventory control unit or a product stop
  • Flexible vinyl material
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Part #

Wire Grip Range

Overall Height


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107506W N/A 0.162" to 0.207" N/A 13/16" N/A White Request Quote
107507B N/A 0.200" to 0.280" N/A 13/16" N/A Black Request Quote
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