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Loose fitting straight metal joiner that, when integrated set screws are tightened, securely connects two or more Round Graphic/Banner Hangers (sold separately). Simply center the joiner within the inner channel of the round housing, tighten the set screws with hex wrench (sold separately) and a heavy duty connection is complete. Don't forget to include the hex wrench in hardware kits where metal joiners are required. These angled wrenches are designed to fit and turn the integrated joiner set screws, and the long arm offers extra solid turning power. Added option: Remove one set screw and connect two plates together to create unlimited custom shapes and/or mitered angles. Warning: It is required to have a hanging point located near each joined section or sign frame may buckle.
  • Joiner is 3" long x 0.323" wide x 0.070" thick tapped metal plate
  • Pre-assembled with two 10-32 x 1/2" long cup point socket set screws
  • Can also be used when joining a matching bottom stabilizer
  • Not for use with our Square Graphic/Banner Hanger
  • Can be ordered with two joiners connected together
  • Joiner is bright galvanized steel plate with black steel set screws
  • Hex wrench is black oxide alloy steel, and has 3/4" long short arm & 3-1/2" long arm
  • Wrench has 3/32" hex key size that fits the joiner's integrated 10-32 set screws
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707205 N/A Metal Joiner With Set Screws N/A N/A 10-32 x 1/2" N/A Round Graphic/Banner Hanger Request Quote
707100 N/A Hex Wrench N/A 3/32" N/A N/A Heavy Duty Round Graphic/Banner Joiner Request Quote
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