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Great for use in drywall, paneling, block and hollow base display construction where extra holding power is required. Spring wing type hollow wall anchor is made of two wings connected by a threaded nut and a coil spring. Wings open automatically behind the wall to prevent pull-through. To install, put the screw through the fixture, thread toggle wing onto screw, fold wings back and insert anchor through pre-drilled hole until wings spring open, then tighten screw.
  • Use in combination with a machine screw or eye bolt (sold separately)
  • Zinc plated steel material
  • In hard/solid materials, you may need to drill the hole 1/16" larger than what is listed.
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Part #

Fits Screw Size


Hole Drill Size

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140220 N/A 6 - 32 (1/8") N/A 1-1/2" N/A 3/8" Request Quote
140222 N/A 10 - 24 (3/16") N/A 2-1/8" N/A 1/2" Request Quote
140223 N/A 1/4 20 (1/4") N/A 2-1/8" N/A 5/8" Request Quote
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